my relationship with kelly in a nutshell.

Miss Mittendorf talks with Playing Fashion on her home town in Arizona, everything about being a model, and how to look good her way.

Over the weekend I visited a local antique/furniture store where I purchased this play bill – a “Desert Film Club Production” titled “To The Unknown”. The play was produced in 1963 by Ernest G. Sauer and features Special Effects by nonetheless a 16-year-old Steven Spielberg.

You can see more here

Hayv KahramanHavy Kahraman, Iraqi born artist

Andrew Groves, Spring/Summer 1998.

Behind the Scene Photos from “The Shining”

The Antidote by Safwan Dahoul

"The Prince" by Michael Zavros

Wil, Switzerland martyr from the Roman Catacombs

Kilian Eng,

"Plant Music", from "The Secret life of Plants", 1976

Ruby Aldridge by Fanny Latour Lambert

Christiane Möbus in einer Aktion 1971/72